7:45 Lilac Neko guys this isnt that hard just choose someone and propose 7:45 Psychos-R-Us Choose ur mum (ud) 7:45 Lilac Neko you can call off the engagement if they say yes 7:45 Luke McSwagger99 lily she doesnt want to propose to just anybody 7:45 MagicAbay he's on on G+ though  :P 7:45 Lilac Neko also this is just the internet 7:45 Luke McSwagger99 ^^ 7:45 Kira26 you can say its a dare after you can choose someone 7:45 Lilac Neko kira choose a random user move along 7:45 Luke McSwagger99 do MC 7:45 Kira26 as long as they arent on this chat 7:45 Luke McSwagger99 pls 7:45 Kira26 he isnt on rn luke 7:46 MewDroid5 Back. :3 7:46 Luke McSwagger99 he'll be on later 7:46 Kira26 but still 3: 7:46 MagicAbay ;~; 7:46 Kira26 idc who she does it to... as long as its on lmbw and the person isnt on night chat rn 7:46 Psychos-R-Us Or choose a different dare...  :P 7:47 Kira26 i cant think of one 7:47 Lilac Neko dare her to wear her shirt backwards 7:47 Psychos-R-Us No avvie dares? (sniffle) Oh god lily not that (gasp) 7:47 MagicAbay Im not wearing a shirt lily  :P 7:47 Psychos-R-Us I hate the feeling I have when I do that (gasp2) 7:47 MewDroid5 O///o 7:47 Lilac Neko ur sweater bra whatever bikini 7:47 MagicAbay bra  :P 7:47 Lilac Neko swimsuit 7:47 Luke McSwagger99 you're asking her to wear her bra 7:47 Psychos-R-Us Bra backwards, sounds weird  :P 7:47 Lilac Neko bath towel 7:47 Luke McSwagger99 backwards 7:47 Kira26 "wear your bra backwards" 7:47 Lilac Neko bathrobe 7:47 Luke McSwagger99 omg 7:47 Kira26 THATS UNCOMFORTABLE 7:47 Psychos-R-Us How even  :P 7:47 Lilac Neko i know kira  :) 7:48 Luke McSwagger99 "yo look at me mom i gots boobs on me back" 7:48 Lilac Neko xD 7:48 Kira26 xDD i laughed way too much than i should have over that xD 7:48 MewDroid5 Now I have naughty thoughts... O///o 7:48 Luke McSwagger99 good lord the images 7:48 MagicAbay so do i have an official dare yet?  :P 7:48 Luke McSwagger99 anyway 7:48 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:48 Madkatmaximus that would hurt 7:48 Lilac Neko DARE HER TO PUT A SHIRT ON  :P 7:48 Madkatmaximus test lag 7:48 Vonness11` i didnt need to imagine this 7:49 Madkatmaximus lily xD 7:49 Luke McSwagger99 omg yes Lilac 7:49 Lilac Neko or put PANTS ON HER ARMS 7:49 MewDroid5  ;p Pants on your arms is amazing. (derp) 7:49 Madkatmaximus ive never even done that tbh 7:49 Psychos-R-Us Too hard, lily  :P 7:49 MewDroid5 Me neither. (derp3) 7:49 MagicAbay ive worn pants on my arms before  :P 7:49 Psychos-R-Us @shirt one 7:49 Vonness11` i've put pants on my head but not my arms (derp) 7:49 Kira26 okay okay gosh forgot i was daring her because you guys are so bossy and demanding 7:49 MagicAbay and thats all i was wearing xD 7:49 Madkatmaximus //suddenly wants to put a bra on backwards just for giggles 7:49 Kira26 abay put your bra on backwards 7:50 Psychos-R-Us Pants on my arms, weird to wear  :P tmi mad?  :P 7:50 Luke McSwagger99 omg kat 7:50 MagicAbay thats my dare?  :P 7:50 Madkatmaximus how the heck is that tmi 7:50 Psychos-R-Us *abay 7:50 Kira26 for 15 minutes unless someone almost notices, then you should probably put clothing on 7:50 Psychos-R-Us (link) 7:50 Madkatmaximus unless your mind is dirty 7:50 MagicAbay ok  :P 7:50 Madkatmaximus oh ok 7:50 Luke McSwagger99 all this talk is making me want to put a bra on backwards too 7:50 Psychos-R-Us I was reading what you said at the time  :P I know you do, luke (ss) 7:50 MagicAbay do i have to send a picture to prove i did it? XD 7:50 Madkatmaximus nO 7:50 Kira26 NO 7:50 Luke McSwagger99 omg abay no 7:50 Psychos-R-Us To impress zaney (ss) 7:50 Vonness11` JFC NO DONT 7:50 MagicAbay xD 7:50 Luke McSwagger99 XDDD 7:50 MewDroid5 OH GOSH NO!!! 7:50 Vonness11` PLEASE 7:51 Luke McSwagger99 lmao 7:51 Psychos-R-Us holy shit abay why just why (link) 7:51 Kira26 PLEASE KEEP THE DARE TO YOURSELF 7:51 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:51 Kira26 OMG XD 7:51 MagicAbay ok xD 7:51 Luke McSwagger99 wowwwww 7:51 Psychos-R-Us We'll take your word for it (derp


7:51 Kira26 yeaaaa.... 7:51 MagicAbay XDDDDDDD 7:51 Vonness11` there are some things i DONT WANT PROOF OF 7:51 MagicAbay ok did it  :P 7:51 MewDroid5 I don't need any more excitement, thanks! (derp)


7:51 Luke McSwagger99 gg 7:51 MagicAbay it feels weird xD 7:52 Psychos-R-Us (clap) 7:52 Person of Info Back. 7:52 Luke McSwagger99 omg i just laughed out loud at that 7:52 Kira26 xD 7:52 MewDroid5  :P 7:52 Luke McSwagger99 PI DONT ASK DONT ASK 7:52 Kira26 i almost want to try it now 7:52 Psychos-R-Us He's gonna ask (ss) 7:52 Madkatmaximus does it hurt because it seems like it would but im too lazy to do it 7:52 Person of Info What happened while I was gone? 7:52 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:52 Lilac Neko same kira lol  :P 7:52 Slicer Vorzakh Nothing 7:52 Madkatmaximus same kira lol 7:52 Slicer Vorzakh At all 7:52 Luke McSwagger99 ^ 7:52 Psychos-R-Us Scroll up pi  :P 7:52 Madkatmaximus jinx 7:52 Person of Info OK  :P This might take a while. 7:52 Lilac Neko like mother like daughter 7:52 Nart L. Chipikal they're bras, you just wear them that's it 7:52 Kira26 ohai it does feel weird 7:52 Slicer Vorzakh Wait are you kiras mom lily 7:53 Madkatmaximus thats it im doing it 7:53 Lilac Neko it'd work with a sports bra 7:53 Slicer Vorzakh Kira rly 7:53 MewDroid5 It's going to become a new fashion statement. (derp) 7:53 Kira26 yes 7:53 Luke McSwagger99 kira omg Mew why 7:53 Kira26 XDDD 7:53 Vonness11` im gonna wear nothing but a TOWEL AND UNDERWEAR OVER MY FACE 7:53 Nart L. Chipikal one that hopefully no one will see 7:53 Psychos-R-Us You did it too kira? (gasp 7:53 MewDroid5 XD 7:53 Psychos-R-Us (gasp) 7:53 Kira26 guys it tickles xD 7:53 Luke McSwagger99 i'm going to tie my shirt up 7:53 MewDroid5  ;p 7:53 Slicer Vorzakh So are spidey ava pi and all technically tour huband because we're all kiras dad's (derp) 7:53 MagicAbay it does xD 7:53 Madkatmaximus this is so weird 7:53 Psychos-R-Us Zaney isn't there, luke (ss) 7:53 Luke McSwagger99 he lives down the street boy 7:53 Kira26 I CANT GET IT OFF HELP 7:53 MagicAbay XD 7:53 Slicer Vorzakh Gg 7:53 Luke McSwagger99 "help" 7:53 Madkatmaximus oh my gosh 7:54 Kira26 DONT HELP 7:54 Luke McSwagger99 kira shall we call the fire department 7:54 Kira26 NOOOO xDDD 7:54 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:54 Madkatmaximus "yes sir thats right" 7:54 Lilac Neko kira i pity you 7:54 Vonness11` ...back to game grumps then 7:54 Psychos-R-Us Can't you unstrap it somehow?  :P 7:54 Madkatmaximus "my bra is stuck" 7:54 Kira26 wait ok i got it 7:54 Psychos-R-Us Get the jaws of life  :'D 7:54 MewDroid5 Oh gosh, I'm glad the worse someone can dare me to do is wear my undies backwards. (derp) 7:54 Lilac Neko you should've done it with a sports bra 7:54 Luke McSwagger99 News Flash: "13 year old girl gets stuck in her bra while wearing it backwards" 7:54 Madkatmaximus "and i cant explain to my parents why in the hell i put my bra on backwards" 7:54 Psychos-R-Us Per mew  :P 7:54 Luke McSwagger99 "The fire department was called" 7:54 MewDroid5 XDDD 7:54 Kira26 xDDD 7:54 Psychos-R-Us lol luke  :P 7:54 Kira26 omg i thought it would hurt 7:54 MagicAbay This feels so awkward XD 7:54 Kira26 but it just tickles 7:54 MewDroid5 I did a real spit-take. XD 7:54 Kira26 ikr xD 7:54 Madkatmaximus it doesnt hurt its just awkward lol 7:55 Lilac Neko im gonna do it 7:55 Luke McSwagger99 this is striking me as way too funny than it should be 7:55 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:55 MagicAbay xD 7:55 MewDroid5  ;p 7:55 Madkatmaximus do it mom 7:55 Psychos-R-Us Same, luke  :P 7:55 Kira26 LETS ALL JUST PUT OUR BRAS ON BACKWARDS YAAAAY 7:55 MewDroid5 Abay, it's your turn to ask! XD 7:55 Madkatmaximus YEAH 7:55 MewDroid5 I don't have a bra. :3 7:55 MagicAbay are you guys wearing shirts over yours? xD 7:55 Psychos-R-Us Same, mew  :P 7:55 Madkatmaximus actually no now its getting uncomfortable lol 7:55 Lilac Neko but i dont think i'll do it with this bra? 7:55 Nart L. Chipikal i'm just wearing a shirt 7:56 Kira26 i wasnt wearing a shirt in the first place (:|) 7:56 MagicAbay me neither  :P 7:56 Psychos-R-Us I'm wearing a shirt. (derp) Because I'm a dude (derp) 7:56 Nart L. Chipikal also doing math now, so no time to try this trending fashion 7:56 MewDroid5 O.o 7:56 Psychos-R-Us She's being a math 3: 7:56 Madkatmaximus ;c 7:56 Kira26 hey it gets hot in my room, dont blame me 7:56 Slicer Vorzakh What os it with lmbw girls often not wearing shirts or pants while chatting 7:56 Psychos-R-Us ^


7:56 Madkatmaximus because clothes are too much work 7:56 Psychos-R-Us Because they like it (bb) 7:56 Kira26 i have 7 windows and im on a second floor just let me be shirtless 7:56 MewDroid5 Spucy? (derp) 7:56 MagicAbay i'm in my undies rn  :P 7:56 Lilac Neko huh 7:56 Vonness11` i'd probably wear no pants if people weren't around most of the time 7:56 Lilac Neko this could work as a bra 7:56 Nart L. Chipikal i thought you were meaning windows 7 7:57 Lilac Neko it does provide normal coverage lol 7:57 Vonness11` HOME IS WHERE THE PANTS AREN'T 7:57 Person of Info Done. 7:57 Lilac Neko PER VON 7:57 Person of Info Oh gods...  :{P 7:57 Slicer Vorzakh I keep all clothing on 7:57 MagicAbay I'm not wearing a sports bra lily xD 7:57 Luke McSwagger99 socks and sandals too? 7:57 MewDroid5 I just don't wear a shirt when I'm going to bed.  :p 7:57 Nart L. Chipikal and then you are having windows 7 on a second floor which is a level because kira is killing all the bad guys in a dungeon with a backwards bra 7:57 Slicer Vorzakh Yep 7:57 Person of Info Who needs pants? 7:57 Madkatmaximus //takes pants off 7:57 MagicAbay im wearing the kind with the strings on the back  :P 7:57 Luke McSwagger99 if slicer went to a nude beach 7:57 Psychos-R-Us  :P 7:57 Luke McSwagger99 he'd still be in his socks and sandals 7:57 Kira26 kden 7:57 Lilac Neko oh ew strings 7:57 MewDroid5 XD 7:57 Lilac Neko i just have the normal bra with clasp etc 7:58 MagicAbay mine have strings on the back so it looks really weird xD 7:58 Madkatmaximus yes those are best 7:58 MewDroid5 It's Abay's turn to ask a question. :3 7:58 Madkatmaximus strings are blah 7:58 Luke McSwagger99 yes abay ask 7:58 Psychos-R-Us I'm so glad I'm a guy (derp) 7:58 MagicAbay ok :3 7:58 Lilac Neko strings sound like too much effort 7:58 Luke McSwagger99 me too psychos 7:58 MewDroid5 Per Psy. (derp) 7:58 Lilac Neko and not enough support 7:58 Kira26 ok this is starting to hurt certain places on me so im gonna stop xD 7:58 Nart L. Chipikal yeah i mean it's like playing an instrument 7:58 Luke McSwagger99 although we have our own things (derp) 7:58 Madkatmaximus same kira ahaha 7:58 MagicAbay OMG XD 7:58 Madkatmaximus but i already fixed it so 7:58 MagicAbay MY SIS JUST WALKED IN THE ROOM 7:58 Kira26 oh god... xD 7:58 Madkatmaximus NO 7:58 Luke McSwagger99 omg abay 7:59 Madkatmaximus NOOO 7:59 Nart L. Chipikal too many strings and you have to practice all the time and then the strings break and we don't know what to do 7:59 MewDroid5 O.o 7:59 Luke McSwagger99 XDDD 7:59 Madkatmaximus WHAT DID SHE SAY 7:59 Psychos-R-Us lol abay  :P 7:59 Person of Info wot 7:59 MagicAbay STOOD THERE FOR A SEC 7:59 Kira26 "SIS I HAVE BOOBS ON MY BACK" 7:59 Madkatmaximus yes anrt

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7:59 MagicAbay THEN JUST TURNED A WALKED AWAY HER FACE 7:59 MewDroid5 XDDD 7:59 Kira26 xDDD 7:59 Luke McSwagger99 LOLLLLLLL 7:59 Madkatmaximus omg 7:59 MagicAbay PRICELESS XD 7:59 Psychos-R-Us lol  :P 7:59 Person of Info GG.  :P 7:59 Nart L. Chipikal heeheehee 7:59 MewDroid5 Best dare ever. (derp4) 7:59 Kira26 how old is your sis? xD 7:59 Psychos-R-Us If she thought you were the normal one..... that's done  :P 16  :P 7:59 Person of Info AFK for a few minutes. 7:59 Kira26 oh god xD 8:00 Psychos-R-Us (clap) Greatest dare I've ever seen  :'D 8:00 MagicAbay she's 17  :P 8:00 Psychos-R-Us Oh I thought she was 16  :P 8:00 Kira26 afk 8:00 Luke McSwagger99 "seen" @Psychos 8:00 Kira26 abay tord someone 8:00 MagicAbay ok  :P 8:00 Person of Info Nvm, back. 8:00 Lilac Neko yall are weak 8:00 Luke McSwagger99 abay ask meeeee 8:00 MewDroid5  :P 8:01 MagicAbay Psy T or D? >:3 8:01 Lilac Neko this is actually ok and i feel kind of sexy and stupid at the same time 8:01 Luke McSwagger99  :( 8:01 Psychos-R-Us Pinged (yup) 8:01 Nart L. Chipikal hon hon hon c; 8:01 MewDroid5  :p 8:01 Psychos-R-Us T (derp) 8:01 Lilac Neko 10/10 would wear again 8:01 Madkatmaximus perfect aesthetic mom 8:01 Psychos-R-Us gg lily  :P 8:01 Madkatmaximus sexy and stupid 8:01 MagicAbay aw :c no d? :c 8:01 Psychos-R-Us Uhh.... . D then  :P 8:01 MewDroid5  :P 8:01 MagicAbay yay! >:D 8:01 Psychos-R-Us I've never done a dare befroe  :P

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8:01 Lilac Neko he does not want the dare 8:01 Madkatmaximus it just made me feel ridiculous


8:01 MewDroid5 (woah) 8:02 MagicAbay k psy 8:02 Luke McSwagger99 Kat do you log this chat or no or anyone 8:02 Madkatmaximus no but i can 8:02 Lilac Neko but actually tho i need one of those front-clasping bras for real 8:02 Luke McSwagger99 oh ok 8:02 MagicAbay i dare you to get a bra, and put it on backwards XD 8:02 Madkatmaximus i would wear those 8:02 Luke McSwagger99 well it would have been funny if we had chat from earlier logged 8:02 MewDroid5 (link) 8:02 Vonness11` i can log 8:02 Psychos-R-Us I cannot get a bra, abay...  :P 8:02 Person of Info Hmmm. 8:02 Lilac Neko yes you can 8:02 Madkatmaximus you log von because itd be harder for me to 8:02 MagicAbay from ur mom? (derp) 8:02 Luke McSwagger99 yea psychos go steal your mom's bra 8:02 Lilac Neko but you wont 8:02 Madkatmaximus (derp) 8:02 Nart L. Chipikal nothing is impossible if you try hard enough 8:02 MewDroid5 Ur Mum. (yup) 8:02 Lilac Neko per nart 8:03 Psychos-R-Us I can't do it  :P 8:03 Nart L. Chipikal often dips into tryhard realm, but you know 8:03 Psychos-R-Us I need another dare  :P 8:03 MagicAbay y? d: 8:03 Nart L. Chipikal whatever it takes to make things possible 8:03 Slicer Vorzakh I have a logger 8:03 Psychos-R-Us Because the bras are in her room and it's locked and I'll be caught anyway (derp) I need another dare  :P 8:03 Vonness11` ok then plz use it gaz 8:03 MagicAbay ok xD 8:03 Vonness11` i dont wanna copy/paste all this (derp2) 8:04 MagicAbay put all your other clothes on backwards then >:D 8:04 Luke McSwagger99 wow 8:04 Madkatmaximus imagine having to explain to your mom why youre taking her bras tho 8:04 MagicAbay shirt pants and underwear  :P for 10 minutes  :P 8:04 Psychos-R-Us Challenge accepted (ca) (challenge) 8:04 Slicer Vorzakh It's up now, go and check if that goes back as far as you want 8:04 Psychos-R-Us we don't have that emote do we?  :P 8:04 Luke McSwagger99 as long as it goes to where they started the backwards bra dare 8:04 ZXSpidermanXZ Oh this is still happening? (as) 8:04 Luke McSwagger99 yes marro 8:04 Vonness11` oh thats all that needs to be logged 8:04 Psychos-R-Us Oh god this feels weird (gasp) 8:04 Madkatmaximus hi marro 8:04 MagicAbay xD 8:04 Lilac Neko we will always remember this day 8:04 ZXSpidermanXZ hey c: 8:05 Madkatmaximus we were all wearing our bras backwards 8:05 MagicAbay this can be backwards bra day  :O 8:05 Psychos-R-Us The tag is on my neck (ud) 8:05 Lilac Neko "hey guys remember when we all wore our bras backwards lol" 8:05 Madkatmaximus yes omg 8:05 ZXSpidermanXZ wot D: 8:05 Luke McSwagger99 september 18: backwards bra day 8:05 Lilac Neko yes 8:05 MewDroid5  :P 8:05 MagicAbay we can wear our bras backwards every year in this day xD 8:05 Kira26 i must note this 8:05 MagicAbay backwards bra day xD 8:05 Kira26 this must become a thing 8:05 Psychos-R-Us Hmm...... my turn I guess (derp) 8:05 MagicAbay yessssss xD 8:05 ZXSpidermanXZ I'm tempted to go up and get one of my mom's bras so I can participate 8:05 Madkatmaximus ill tell my friends 8:06 Psychos-R-Us (ss) Hmm......  :P 8:06 Vonness11` so am i zx (Derp) 8:06 Person of Info Back. 8:06 Kira26 you must 8:06 ZXSpidermanXZ xD

8:06 Kira26 i would say take selfies but 8:06 Person of Info Oh Marro, you're back. :3 8:06 Kira26 NSFW 8:06 MewDroid5 I'm not. (ud) 8:06 Psychos-R-Us Luke TorD? (yup) kira (link) 8:06 Madkatmaximus actually now i want to text my best friend but she'll kill me lol 8:06 ZXSpidermanXZ I am (as) 8:06 Luke McSwagger99 Uh definitely not D (as) T 8:06 MagicAbay I did take a selfie xD 8:06 Psychos-R-Us Crap you got me  :P 8:06 Madkatmaximus //takes selfie 8:06 Psychos-R-Us GG abay (clap) Why?  :P 8:06 MagicAbay idk  :P 8:07 Psychos-R-Us Okay uh..... what is the weirdest thing you've ever done?  :P 8:07 Kira26 i was almost tempted to tell my mom she would laugh so hard but the fact that i put my bra on backwards with people from the internet.... (derp) 8:07 Psychos-R-Us @luke 8:07 MagicAbay no, I'm not going to show darthy (derp) 8:07 Luke McSwagger99 lollll kira abay omg 8:07 Vonness11` sooooo do i email this log or put it on the wiki 8:07 Person of Info  :P 8:07 Luke McSwagger99 and hm let me think psychos Define weird 8:07 MewDroid5 I need to go soon. (derp2) 8:07 Psychos-R-Us As strange and taboo as possible  :'D 8:07 Madkatmaximus on the wiki 8:07 ZXSpidermanXZ Make a chnightat page Von 8:07 Vonness11` k 8:08 Psychos-R-Us Good, abay  :P 8:08 Madkatmaximus everyone needs to see this 8:08 Kira26 yeaaa im not taking a selfie of myself half naked with only the straps of a bra covering the most explicit part xD 8:08 MagicAbay xD 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 kira xD 8:08 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:08 Madkatmaximus the night the girls of lmbw put their bras on backwards 8:08 ZXSpidermanXZ You better not young lady 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 and well psychos, i've snuggled with a guy does that count 8:08 Madkatmaximus i am 8:08 MagicAbay ive shown darthy enough xD 8:08 Madkatmaximus @kira 8:08 Psychos-R-Us Zaney? (ss) 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 no not zaney 8:08 Psychos-R-Us Yes you have abay (link) 8:08 MagicAbay xD 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 he doesn't even let me touch him 8:08 Kira26 that would be terrifying to have in my photo inventory especially if one of my friends gets on my ipod.. 8:08 Psychos-R-Us GAAAAY (seal) 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 OMG kira XD 8:08 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:08 Luke McSwagger99 maybe jerome would see it  :) 8:09 Kira26 NO OMG NO 8:09 Vonness11` should i keep logging or is stopping at 3 minutes ago enough 8:09 Luke McSwagger99 xDDDD 8:09 MagicAbay and i kinda regret it now xD 8:09 Vonness11` (derp) 8:09 Madkatmaximus THATS WHY my passcode is like impossible to break 8:09 Kira26 he would probably instagram it or something 8:09 Person of Info Keep going.  :P 8:09 Madkatmaximus if someone got it noooo 8:09 Kira26 "OMG NUDE KIRA SELFIES" "INSTAGRAAAAMMM" 8:09 Person of Info @Von 8:09 Luke McSwagger99 Ok Psychos was that good 8:09 Vonness11` k 8:09 MewDroid5  ;p 8:09 Psychos-R-Us Yeah  :P 8:09 Luke McSwagger99 ok Slicer wake up 8:10 Madkatmaximus pffft the world deserves to see me i wouldnt care jk


8:10 Psychos-R-Us  :P I'm sure you wouldn't. (ss) 8:10 Luke McSwagger99 lolno kat 8:10 MagicAbay its kinda weird that the first picture of me anyone online has seen im in my undies xD 8:10 Lilac Neko post this day on tumblr and i will reblog @Mad 8:10 MewDroid5 Someone ask me before I have to leave. (Derp2) 8:10 Lilac Neko backwards bra day 8:10 Slicer Vorzakh What 8:10 Kira26 i put it on a sticky note on my pc 8:10 Luke McSwagger99 Slice T or D 8:10 Kira26 just to remember 8:10 Psychos-R-Us Nice, abay (clap) 8:10 Madkatmaximus good 8:10 Slicer Vorzakh Uuuuuuuhhhhh 8:10 Lilac Neko i will take note 8:11 ZXSpidermanXZ I can make a facebook page (as) 8:11 Slicer Vorzakh D 8:11 MagicAbay yeah i feel kinda awkward about it now xD 8:11 Person of Info Hmmmm.  :P GG. 8:11 Luke McSwagger99 ok slicer i dare you to chew on your left sock for a minute 8:11 Psychos-R-Us Make your next you with more clothes  :'D 8:11 Luke McSwagger99 then your right sandal for another minute 8:11 MewDroid5  :P 8:11 Psychos-R-Us oooh (ss) 8:11 MagicAbay or less? (link) 8:11 Slicer Vorzakh ... why 8:11 Luke McSwagger99 i almost typed cock instead of sock oh god 8:11 MewDroid5 XDD 8:11 Madkatmaximus I DID THAT ONCE LUKE ON LMBW vfbgtfredscfvbgtrdescdvbghytr 8:11 ZXSpidermanXZ WTH xD 8:11 Luke McSwagger99 lmao 8:11 Madkatmaximus IT WAS TERRIBLE Dx 8:11 Slicer Vorzakh Fine 8:11 Luke McSwagger99 good boy omg speaking of bad typing guys 8:12 Psychos-R-Us Nice, mad (clap) GG 8:12 Luke McSwagger99 today i was texting a guy from craigslist 8:12 MagicAbay im just gonna wear my bra backwards until my parents come home xD 8:12 MewDroid5 Slize, ask me next.  :P 8:12 ZXSpidermanXZ Is this some type of fetish of yours Luke? (sus) 8:12 Madkatmaximus i was trying to say "alemas married his sock" but 8:12 Luke McSwagger99 bc i'm buying a surfboard and stuff 8:12 Madkatmaximus wsdfvbgnhgtfrdsx 8:12 Lilac Neko remember when i almost ruined the word "pencils" 8:12 Madkatmaximus (D:) 8:12 Vonness11` yes 8:12 Madkatmaximus LILY YES 8:12 Kira26 there i shared it on G+ 8:12 MewDroid5 XD 8:12 Luke McSwagger99 so i was texting him "thanks for the help" but it autocorrected to "thanks for the hepatitis" 8:12 Madkatmaximus I STILL LOOK BACK ON THAT AND LAUGH luke omg 8:12 MewDroid5 XD 8:13 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:13 Lilac Neko i think i was talking to batty about her pencils 8:13 MagicAbay im just gonna wear my bra backwards until my parents come home xD 8:13 MewDroid5  ;p 8:13 Madkatmaximus good idea abay 8:13 Psychos-R-Us I think I can already tell what it turned into, lily....  :P 8:13 Lilac Neko and said something like "but i like your penils" 8:13 Slicer Vorzakh Pi wake up 8:13 Lilac Neko same abay 8:13 Psychos-R-Us (clap) 8:13 Lilac Neko but until i get ready for bed 8:13 Person of Info *wakes up* 8:13 Slicer Vorzakh Tord 8:13 Person of Info What is it, Slicebae? 8:13 MewDroid5 Gaz, dare me. (sie) 8:13 Madkatmaximus i would but im afraid my brother will come in lol 8:13 Psychos-R-Us  :P How old is your brother, mad?  :P 8:13 Vonness11` this had better be worth it because MY FINGERS HURT @making log readable 8:13 MewDroid5 Or ask me. (derp) 8:13 Kira26 i wanna put my bra backwards again but like it irritates after awhileee 3: 8:14 Madkatmaximus 15 8:14 Psychos-R-Us Poor child  :( 8:14 Madkatmaximus same kira


8:14 Lilac Neko switch bras then 8:14 Slicer Vorzakh Pi tord 8:14 Lilac Neko to a more comfortable one 8:14 MagicAbay it does feel weird xD 8:14 Madkatmaximus im too lazy to get up 8:14 MewDroid5 (derp2) 8:14 Person of Info Tord? 8:14 Luke McSwagger99 truth or dare 8:14 MagicAbay i have strings under my boobs xD 8:14 Person of Info Oh. 8:14 Slicer Vorzakh TorD if you insist (ud) 8:14 MewDroid5 You ask PI? He's so slow. (derp) 8:14 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:15 Person of Info Shush, Mew.. (ale) 8:15 MewDroid5 I need to leave soon. (Derp2) 8:15 Person of Info So, you're asking me, Slice? 8:15 Madkatmaximus i had fricking straps 8:15 Slicer Vorzakh Yes 8:15 Person of Info Well... 8:15 MagicAbay o.O 8:15 Madkatmaximus D: 8:15 Kira26 if i could explain what this looks like 8:15 Psychos-R-Us Why, mew? 3: 8:15 Kira26 you would all hate me 8:15 Person of Info I might take another eternity, so I'll go with T this time. (derp) 8:15 MagicAbay tell me kira xD 8:15 Person of Info I won't bother thinking it over. 8:15 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:15 MewDroid5 Because bed time. (Derp) 8:15 Kira26 abay look down at your own boobs 3: 8:15 Psychos-R-Us Kira you've done way worse (derp) 8:15 Slicer Vorzakh Take a picture of your back if you want Kira (derp4) 8:15 Person of Info Also, T is more of a safe choice for me. (derp) 8:15 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:15 Slicer Vorzakh Damnit pi I saved a dare for you (ud) 8:16 Kira26 you have your own model to see what it looks like 3: 8:16 Madkatmaximus xD 8:16 Person of Info What dare is it?  :P 8:16 Kira26 NO SLICE xD like the front is just... xD... 8:16 Person of Info Something with bras? 8:16 Madkatmaximus bdsm lets be honest 8:16 MagicAbay it looks almost like im wearing nothing xD 8:16 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:16 Person of Info Either way, I'm still going to do T. 8:16 Slicer Vorzakh Fine 8:16 Vonness11` bdsm :3 8:16 Slicer Vorzakh Uh 8:16 Psychos-R-Us von nie (ud) 8:16 MagicAbay i have 2 strings making an X on the back of my bra so.... (DERP) 8:17 ZXSpidermanXZ (link) 8:17 Psychos-R-Us (lol) 8:17 Nart L. Chipikal ;3 8:17 ZXSpidermanXZ I can imagine what it looks like (derp4) 8:17 MewDroid5 I just want someone to ask me once more. (Derp2) 8:17 Nart L. Chipikal do we get to tie someone up now c: 8:17 Vonness11` i cant because idk what abay looks like 8:17 Slicer Vorzakh I have a truth that Idk if I could say (derp) 8:17 MagicAbay only darthy knows what i look like :3 8:17 Luke McSwagger99 say it 8:17 Person of Info Why?  :P 8:17 Psychos-R-Us  :P Say it slice  :P 8:18 Slicer Vorzakh Fine, out of everyone here, pick three people you would scree marry and kill (derp4) 8:18 MagicAbay and he knows what a lot of me looks like (link) 8:18 Slicer Vorzakh * screw 8:18 MewDroid5  ;p 8:18 Luke McSwagger99 wow abay 8:18 Psychos-R-Us We know, abay (ss) 8:18 Madkatmaximus slice omg no 8:18 Luke McSwagger99 xDD 8:18 Slicer Vorzakh Why not 8:18 Luke McSwagger99 and Slice that's terrible wow 8:18 ZXSpidermanXZ Slice that is a horrible question xD 8:18 Psychos-R-Us Slice is looking at you, luke (ss) 8:18 Nart L. Chipikal screeeeeee 8:18 Luke McSwagger99 good thing we have quite a few ppl 8:18 Slicer Vorzakh Idc 8:18 Person of Info Scree?


8:18 MagicAbay aw gtg eat dinner :c 8:18 MewDroid5  ;p 8:18 ZXSpidermanXZ Screw 8:18 Vonness11` i hate that question 8:18 Psychos-R-Us * Psychos-R-Us screes (gasp2) 8:18 MewDroid5 o/ 8:18 Person of Info Ah. 8:18 ZXSpidermanXZ He meant screw not scree 8:18 Psychos-R-Us Aww, dun leave meh abay  :'( 8:18 MagicAbay :c 8:19 Psychos-R-Us bye o/ 8:19 MagicAbay well bye 8:19 Person of Info I'm not into that sort of thing, actually.. (derp) 8:19 MagicAbay :c 8:19 Nart L. Chipikal scree sounds more exciting 8:19 Psychos-R-Us 3: 8:19 MagicAbay going to go eat dinner 8:19 ZXSpidermanXZ xD 8:19 Psychos-R-Us :c 8:19 MagicAbay with a backwards bra xD 8:19 Slicer Vorzakh * Slicer Vorzakh screes pi 8:19 ZXSpidermanXZ Aw bye Abay o/ 8:19 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:19 ZXSpidermanXZ xD 8:19 Kira26 oh god 8:19 MewDroid5 XD 8:19 Kira26 waittt 8:19 Nart L. Chipikal scree scree 8:19 Luke McSwagger99 abay is leaving to avoid getting chosen by Pi 8:19 Person of Info Oh Slicer, you're so good at this. (wink) 8:19 Luke McSwagger99 gg 8:19 MagicAbay wait what?  :P 8:19 Kira26 wont the lumps on the back show 8:19 Psychos-R-Us Do it in secret abay (derp) 8:19 Kira26 it will look like you have rly large shoulders or a disease 8:19 Madkatmaximus omg 8:19 ZXSpidermanXZ xDDDD 8:19 Luke McSwagger99 you'll look like a hunchback 8:19 MewDroid5 XDDDD 8:19 Psychos-R-Us Or like a backwards bra  :P 8:20 Person of Info I'm not into marriage much either.  :P 8:20 MagicAbay i cant wait to see my sisters face when i come eat dinner like this xD 8:20 Luke McSwagger99 or yea this is a new disease 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ Pi D: 8:20 Luke McSwagger99 where you grow boobs on your back 8:20 Kira26 xDDD 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ Does our marriage mean nothing? ;-; 8:20 Vonness11` ok screw this 8:20 Person of Info I'd reconsider if it were polygamous, though. c: 8:20 Slicer Vorzakh Pi would you marry me (derp4) 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ (as0 8:20 Vonness11` if someone wants the logs to be readable plz fix them yourself 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ * (as) 8:20 Vonness11` this hurts my fingers too much


8:20 Person of Info Yes, my love (:3) 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ OK (derp4) 8:20 Psychos-R-Us I hope you'll wear a shit, abay  :P 8:20 Person of Info  :P 8:20 MagicAbay xD 8:20 Slicer Vorzakh Gg 8:20 Luke McSwagger99 Psychos wow 8:20 Psychos-R-Us *shirt oh crap (link) 8:20 Vonness11` eww 8:20 Person of Info GG. 8:20 Luke McSwagger99 xD 8:20 ZXSpidermanXZ I really wanna know the three people you'd kill 8:20 MewDroid5 XDDDDDDDDDDD 8:20 Madkatmaximus pSY NO 8:20 Lilac Neko i was wondering what kind of insult that was 8:21 MagicAbay no, i'm just going to eat like this X3 8:21 Psychos-R-Us  :P 8:21 Person of Info Wait, what's the question again? (derp) 8:21 Slicer Vorzakh I meant one person in each group spidey Psychos-R-Us has been kicked by Lilac Neko. 8:21 MewDroid5 XD 8:21 MagicAbay xD Psychos-R-Us has joined the chat. 8:21 ZXSpidermanXZ Oh xD 8:21 Luke McSwagger99 why 8:21 Lilac Neko kick for cuss 8:21 Psychos-R-Us (link) I didn't know that was against the rules...  :P 8:21 Lilac Neko just cuss (ys) 8:21 MewDroid5 XD 8:21 Person of Info What were you asking, Slice?  :P 8:21 ZXSpidermanXZ It's not but Lily thinks it is  :p 8:21 Lilac Neko wait actually dont do that 8:21 Psychos-R-Us I see that  :P 8:22 MagicAbay hope i dont drop any food in my boobs (derp)