Here's the background of a super-villain I came up with. c:

Emily Reynolds was an 18 year old girl, about to start college. On her way home from her high school graduation, she took an irregular route. Though her house was only ½ a mile away from the school, she had a certain curiosity about her, and enjoyed exploring.

Above her head, storm clouds brewed. She saw faint flashes from far away, and heard the boom of thunder. She laughed, she always wondered how people could fear something so irrational, it is much more likely to die from walking down the street, then to get hit by lightening. She always wondered how people could fear such things. She herself, had never felt the pang of fear in her chest.

As she walked past an alley, she noticed a faint glow emanating from a dumpster. She went into the alley to investigate. It seemed to be a white crystal, she picked it up, excited to find something that could be valuable. As she was examining the strange crystal, lightning struck 8 feet in front of her. She flew back from the force, though death was near, and her pain extreme, she still did not feel a twinge of fear.

As she lay down, close to death, one more streak of lightning came. Hitting the crystal she somehow managed to keep hold of while being blasted. The crystal exploded in a cloud of black. She felt the shadows envelop her. The pain vanished from her wounds as she closed her eyes and fell asleep…

Gasping, Emily awoke. She looked around, it was so dark, but somehow, she could see. Her cloak swished around her as she stood up. She looked behind her. Her cloak? What an odd piece of attire. Where did it come from? She still felt no fear even from all the odd events happening around her.

She walked out of the alley, Looking left and right, her greenish “night vision” helping her see. She realized the darkness was emanating from her. She took a deep breathe and concentrated, even with her enhanced sight, it was still difficult to see far away. With slight concentration, the darkness emanating from her disappeared.

It was dawn, the sun was just coming up. She started walking again to her home. As she neared her house, she saw a man walking on the other side of the road. She saw a cobra inside his chest. How odd. She involuntarily whispered, “Snakes.” Suddenly, surrounding the man, were dozens of serpents, she noticed a king cobra among them. The man screamed as the snakes bit him, killing him.