This was a rather short story that I wrote a while ago, while in chat. I'm sure there's a log of it somewhere.

Anyways, here's an edited version.

12:49 It was a darkish and rainy night in a certain place.

12:50 It was almost 1 AM, and a certain child was lying perfectly awake.

12:51 The house was silent and dark, the only exceptions being the pitter-patter of rain and glow of the computer screen.

However, this child was dead.

He was only a lifeless husk as the blood slowly flowed out of his body, staining the sheets and his clothes.

12:53 The body slowly became heavier, and his bed began bending tremendously under the weight of the child

12:53 He continued to bleed until the bed was dripping and soaked

12:54 The bloody sheets wrapped around the body and lifted it up.

12:54 And yet, the chest of the boy was rather heavy.

12:55 His tendons and muscles in his chest began to tear and shred from the inside, like something was pushing through them.

Something had begun to tear through the dead child's flesh and sink to the ground

12:56 Suddenly, a bloody, throbbing mass tore through his chest and fell onto the bed.

12:56 The body seized and crumpled, yet the heart lay there, still beating

Getting heavier

12:56 And heavier

12:56 Sinking through the blood-soaked mattress

12:57 cracking the bed frame

and finally landing on the floor.

12:58 The heart bled more and more

12:58 Blood pooled on the floor

12:58  The floorboards slowly began to crack

And the heart began sinking deeper and deeper into the earth

12:59 Until the heart realized

12:59 That is was all alone

12:59 That it had no reason to exist

And then it stopped beating.